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Berlinpackaging.eu is the e-commerce website of Berlin Packaging that targets B2B and B2C markets for food and beverage industries all across EMEA. We offer a wide catalog of packaging solutions (bottles, jars, tins, buckets, drums and many others) available for order starting even from small quantities.

Berlin Packaging has been created after Berlin Packaging acquired the Juvasa Group, Sevilla (Spain)-based company, that contributed to Berlin Packaging with its extensive experience, professionals, and commercial network.

Our combined knowledge of the packaging field allows us to propose you the best packaging that could fit all your needs.

About Berlin Packaging EMEA

Berlin Packaging EMEA is the EMEA division of Berlin Packaging, world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier® in glass, plastic, metal packaging, and closures. Our business model is designed to make packaging easy for our customers: we can define it, design it, source it, store it, ship it, and provide value added services.

Being a Hybrid Packaging Supplier® means that we are one-stop shop, bringing together the best elements of Design & Innovation, Manufacturing Services, and Customer Solutions for the packaging industry.

Visit our corporate website to know more about our group https://corporate.berlinpackaging.eu/en/.

About us

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