Bottles for oil with screw cap

Discover our glass bottles with a screw caps and capacity between 100ml and 1l.

Bottles for oil with screw cap botellas de vidrio cristal para aceite con tapon rosca pilfer,
botellas de vidrio cristal para aceite con tapon rosca pilfer,

What kind of screw-cap oil bottles will I find on this page?

Choose between glass bottles for oil with screw cap available in different sizes and colours. A complete list of containers for oil with pilfer SPP31.5 STD cap, with and without pourer.

Glass bottles have compatible caps, the A315 threaded cap that are placed manually (you can use our fastening machine for a professional finish) and the straight pilfer cap that requires a pilfer capping machine.

In this section, you can buy glass bottles and cans for oils so you can store your production in a container that retains their qualities to the maximum.

We have numerous glass bottles with screw cap, compatible with pilfer-proof SPP 31.5 STD closure, with the chance to choose a cap with or without pourer, and with pre-threaded and smooth pilfer-proof A315 stoppers. The latter requires a pilfer-proof capping machine that guarantees a professional result.

At Berlin Packaging, we offer you a wide range of these glass bottles for oils with capacity between 100 ml and 1 litre, with a total of six different sizes available in six colours. The durable material facilitates the transport and maintenance of this liquid gold. You can also use these containers to preserve vinegar or any other type of dressing.

What's more, you can place your order in a pack or a pallet depending on the number of units required and product availability. Choose the one that best suits your product!

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