Cardboard boxes

¿Qué tipo de cajas de cartón a encontrar en esta página?

¿Qué tipo de cajas de cartón a encontrar en esta página?

What type of boxes will you find on this page?

In Berlin Packaging, we have a wide range of cardboard boxes for different uses. If you are looking for ham boxes to make a gift or Christmas basket, if you want to make your own beer and you would like to pack it in cases with bottles, or you simply need boxes for storing, in this section you will find everything that you are looking for.

We also have the packaging systems “Bag in Box” that are the perfect container for wine productions.

To complement carton boxes, we offer accessories to facilitate their use as tape, stretch film or sealing machines.

In this category you can find an ample supply of cardboard boxes of multiple sizes and for all the uses that you need.

We have boxes for beer packs, ham boxes that you may use to box a present or send a Christmas basket, "Bag in Box" boxes used to conserve wine and facilitate its transport; and the classic cardboard boxes for transporting glasses and wine glasses or for moves and storage, between other uses.

These boxes are available in various shapes and sizes and characterized for their great resistance and functionality. In addition, in this section you will also find accessories for handling cardboard boxes such as masking tape, stretch film or seals to seal your closure.

In Berlin Packaging, we want to facilitate all types of packaging for your products so that you only decide if you buy in pack or pallet, depending on the quantity you need.

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