Plastic bidones botella tarrinas de plástico

What types of plastic food containers can I find on this page?

Berlin Packaging's selection of plastic food containers is the best around. Whatever type of food you need to store, we have something that meets your needs. We have jars, tubs, bottles, buckets, jugs and drums with different capacities so that you can choose whatever size you need.

Our range of products include plastic food containers for honey, milk, oil, olives, jam, sandwiches or any casserole. We have several different shapes and styles, from round or rectangular tupperware-style containers to jars and bottles for honey and soft drinks.

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At Berlin Packaging, we offer a wide variety of plastic food containers for storing all kinds of food products. Our jars, tubs, bottles, jugs and drums are perfect for preserving honey, milk, oil or any drink or casserole.

Our food containers come with different capacities ranging from 180 ml to 17 litres, and we have a total of 30 different sizes. The styles, colours and sealing also vary so that you can always find the perfect container for your needs. Our products are characterised by their convenience and quality, with the durability of the containers guaranteeing that the qualities of the product are preserved. You can buy your containers in packs or by pallet depending on the quantity that you need.

Berlin Packaging wants to accompany you as you grow professionally, which is why we are making all of our plastic containers available to you so that all you have to think about is which one you need. Don't hesitate, and start now!

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