Pipettes and stoppers for laboratory

Here you will find different pippetes and stoppers ideal for different industries such as pharmacist and cosmetics.

Pipettes and stoppers for laboratory Cuentasgotas y tapones goteros
Cuentasgotas y tapones goteros

What kind of laboratory pipettes and stoppers will I find on this page?

Are you looking for a drop-tip stopper or a glass pipette? You've come to the right place.

At Berlin Packaging we provide a wide range of packaging material for laboratories, such as bottles, droppers and pipettes:

  • Laboratory pipettes or droppers: Our straight-tip dropper pipettes are made from high-quality glass, with pilfer-proof 18 and 28 screw cap, compatible with our laboratory bottles. The tip is made from rubber with a soft touch to control the exact quantity to be dispensed.
  • Stoppers with integrated droppers: Made from the highest-quality plastic, these drop-tip stoppers are compatible with any of our laboratory containers as the dropper is integrated.

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