Hermetic Glass Jars Le Parfait

Since their creation at the beginning of the 20th century, Le Parfait jars have built an excellent reputation. Jars so sturdy and timeless, that they span generations

What kind of airtight terrines will I find on this page?

What kind of airtight terrines will I find on this page?

Le Parfait are the ultimate hermetically sealed glass jars for preserving your food. In addition to its classic and famous design these "perfect" containers, as its name in French indicates, are characterised by the strong glass and elegant lines that capture everyone's attention.

At Berlin Packaging you can choose from a great variety of these le parfait jars with different sizes, formats and types of closure. In addition, they are available in pack and pallet to suit your needs.

At Berlin Packaging, we have a wide range of the well-known Le Parfait jars terrines, characterised by their simple lines and famous design that preserve your food in a stylish and sophisticated manner.

On this page, you'll find a total of eleven different sizes, with capacity from 125 ml up to 3 litres, and various types of twist-off or threaded lids. Preserve all the properties of your food using a glass container with a handy and secure airtight system.

If you're looking for an innovative and durable container to present your dishes or desserts, these "perfect" terrines, as their name in French suggests, will impress you and your guests.

You can buy them in a pack or a pallet, depending on the number of units required and product availability. Le Parfait jars is synonymous with quality and design, keeping the taste and smell of your dishes intact.

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