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Glass bottles for wine are the quintessencial designs. If you produce wine we have the bottle you need.

All wine bottles Botellas para vino
Botellas para vino

What kind of glass bottles will I find on this page?

Do you want to pack your wine production? At Berlin Packaging, we have the largest variety of glass food containers and glass bottles for wines in multiple shapes, sizes, colours and types of mouth.

We have vessels from different families of bottles: Jerez, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhine, among others, and several closures compatible with each one so you can buy both products without leaving our webpage.

You can place your order by pack or by pallet depending on the container you choose and the quantity you need. Look no further, we guarantee you the best quality of products in glass food containers.

At Berlin Packaging, we offer you the best range in glass bottles for wines with various families of specific containers for this drink available, such as the Bordeaux, Burgundy, Jerez or Rhine among others.

Each of these families is designed for a particular type of wine, with the Rhine being the most used for white wines, and the Burgundy or Bordeaux for red wines so that its dark colour protects the contents from the outside light.

In addition, you can choose between eight different colours: blue, white, cinnamon, extra-white, dead leaf brown, Iberian black, av green and Etruscan green glass, 12 different measures ranging from 187 ml to 1.6 litres and numerous closures compatible with each mouth.

For convenience, we offer you the option to make your purchase by pack or by pallet, depending on the model of bottle chosen and the quantity you need. The pack is used for smaller units and our sales team will request a pallet for greater quantities.

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