Fabric or Paper Jar Covers

Do you want to add color to your glass jars? Discover our colorful fabric o paper jar covers. We have more than 15 models available

Fabric or Paper Jar Covers Closures
¿Quieres darle color a tus tarros de cristal? Descubre nuestros coloridos cubre tapas de tela o papel, tenemos más de 15 modelos disponibles.

Fabric Paper Jar Covers

Discover the various covers for jars with decorative designs. Choose the decorative lid covers from Berlin Packaging. They are made with paper or cloth as their main material, but what stands out the most is their ability to make your products more fun. At Berlin Packaging we have the most original designs to decorate your glass jars and obtain a qualitative leap in the final presentation. In addition, you also have rubber bands available to hold the paper on the lid of the glass jar. We have prepared a design with a more formal presentation, in black and white tones, smooth in brown or cork, while, on the other hand, we considered the need to include fun designs such as fruits, bright colors, polka dots, etc. If you want to package honey, at Berlin Packaging we have all the items you need and a specific lid cover with a honeycomb design so that you experience distinction and elegance when presenting the final product. Additionally, you can use security seals and standard labels. Do not forget to always take into account the diameter of the lids of the jars, their twist-off closures to avoid wrong diameters.

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