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Rhin wine glass bottles mix the design of Bordeaux and Burgundy bottles. They are ideal for white wines.

Glass Bottles - Hock Flute envases de vidrio botellas de cristal y botellas de vidrio
What kind of glass bottles will I find on this page?

What kind of glass bottles will I find on this page?

The glass bottles of the Rhine family are characterised by fusing the styles of the Bordeaux and Burgundy bottles, but with a more stylised shape and very sloped shoulders. It is the container that is most used to package white wine.

At Berlin Packaging, we also offer you a cork stopper machine so that you can insert the closure to your bottles, obtaining a professional result and the different closures compatible with the mouth of these bottles can also be found on this webpage.

On this page you will find the glass bottle that is perfect for packing your production of white wine. We have the best range of Rhine crystal bottles, characterised by their stylised form with very sloping shoulders, the fruit of the fusion of the Bordeaux and Burgundy styles.

These bottles stand out for their resistant material that guarantees the maximum quality of the product in its transport and storage. They are the most used to pack white wine.

You can choose between three different colours, blue glass, white glass and green glass and two different types of closure compatible with the mouth of the bottle, which you can also buy on this website.

In addition, we offer a manual cork stopper so you can close the packaging of your production with the most professional result possible.

Request your quote for a pallet without any commitment, we will be happy to assist you to obtain the packaging that best suits your needs.

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