Olive Oil tins / cans

Metal can for oils with capacity between 250 ml to 5 liters. Place the caps manually although we provide you with the option of buying a stapler.

Olive Oil tins / cans latas métalicas  para aceite con tapon
What kind of metal cans for oil will I find on this page?

What kind of metal cans for oil will I find on this page?

If you are looking for metal containers for oil you can decide between tin cans with Din 24 and Din 32 caps and the metal bottles with pilfer SPP31,5 STD cap.

These cans for oil have the advantage that both the caps for cans with pressure system as the pilfer screw caps for bottles are placed manually. There is the possibility to use our capping machine for a professional finish with the threaded screw caps A315.
For the straight pilfer caps you will need a pilfer capping machine in order to install them correctly.

On this page, you'll find a vast range of metal containers for oils, including tin cans and metal bottles.

The tin cans are compatible with manual-fit DIN 24 and DIN 32 stoppers, while the metal bottles are designed for pre-threaded pilfer-free stoppers with manual screw, although at Berlin Packaging we provide the option of purchasing a stapler to achieve the most professional finish possible.

Meanwhile, the smooth pilfer-free plugs are fitted with a pilfer-free capping machine that you can also buy on this website.

You can buy your tin cans for oils in a pack or a palette depending on the number of units required, choosing from several sizes ranging from 250 ml to 5 litres, with a total of six different capacities and available in black metal or green metal.

These oil cans will be popular thanks to their durability and preservation qualities.

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