Glass Bottles - Burgundy

The archetypical wine glass bottle: the Burgundy ones. In fact they are the oldest type of bottle of wine known.

Glass Bottles - Burgundy envases de vidrio botellas de cristal y botellas de vidrio
What kind of glass bottles will I find on this page?

What kind of glass bottles will I find on this page?

The family of Burgundy glass bottles is characterised by being broad with a cylindrical shape and with less pronounced sloping shoulders than the Bordeaux. It is the oldest known bottle design.

At Berlin Packaging we have a great variety of this type of container available, in different colours, sizes and compatible closures that you can acquire on this same page.

In addition, you can buy a manual cork stopper for a more professional result when packaging your wine production.

At Berlin Packaging, you'll find a great variety of Burgundy glass bottles, characterised by their broad cylindrical shape and sloping shoulders less pronounced than the Bordeaux range.

These glass bottles are perfect for your wine and keeping its qualities intact. What's more, their dark colour protects contents from sunlight.

We have a large variety of models with different sizes (capacity between 375 ml and 1.5 litres), four colours (cinnamon glass, Iberian black glass, green glass and Etruscan green glass) and with different types of mouth compatible with the closures that you can buy on this page.

We also offer a manual corking machine so you can finish the bottling of your production yourself, achieving a truly professional result. Simply contact us to request a quote for your pallet.

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