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Discover our wide range of jars for food use. Available in all sizes, choose yours.

Envases de vidrio. Tarros y botes de vidrio y cristal con tapa twist off junto con botellas para zumos

What kind of glass jars and bottles can I find on this page?

Discover all the containers for food use. We offer tins and glass jars for jam and canned food, honey jars and bottles for juice. Choose from airtight glass jars, and glass bottles that best suits your needs. Packages available in many sizes.

In this section you will find the glass jar that you are looking for. A variety of containers in different models and sizes. Glass jars for jam, glass jars for canning, glass jars for honey, glass containers for pâté, sweets, sauces, ..., to preserve in our containers any kind of food.

This page contains a wide variety of containers for all your foodstuffs. We have jars, barrels, bottles and extremely popular airtight glass jars from Le Parfait. The characteristics of the glass will keep your products in the best condition without their taste, smell or composition being altered.

Many versions of each type of glass container are available, with capacities ranging from 31 ml to 4,250 ml, and with different types of sealing systems to suit your needs. You also have the option of purchasing by pack or by pallet if you are on a budget, depending on the number of units you need and the availability of the product.

Berlin Packaging also have filling machines, manual labelling machines and pasteurisers, among other items, which will give you the most professional results possible when it comes to storing your products.

You can also find lids compatible with every container on this page, and we have several options that can be used with each one.

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