Get the right glass bottle for perfume or cosmetics in general within the wide variety of shapes and sizes that we offer you.

Perfumery Frascos de vidrio para perfumes
Frascos de vidrio para perfumes

What kind of perfume bottles will I find on this page?

Finding a bottle that matches your perfume, essence, oil or other personal care and beauty product needs is no longer a problem.

Our main aim is to offer you the perfect container at the most competitive price. You can launch your new brand with bottles that meet your product requirements. It will be easier for you to select the perfect receptacle from the different capacities and closures from our perfumery range.

If you want to create your own fragrances and need empty bottles to store them, you are in the right place! In Berlin Packaging, we have the best glass containers so you can market in small or large ways your perfume.

We have 3 types of bottles in different colors and shapes to pack your essences in a simple, elegant and resistant way. You can make reduced doses of your products thanks to our penicillin container and deliver as samples to potential clients.

In addition, you can purchase the products of our perfumery section in packs or pallet, depending on the quantity of bottles for perfumes that you need. Our mission is to help you to store your products, and this no longer be a concern for you, so you can focus on growing your business...

Our containers have different types of closure to suit your needs, choose which one you want to be the perfect container for your perfumes or cosmetics, and we will deliver it to you.

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