Plastic Buckets

Large airtight containers available in different capacities, from 80 ml to 30 liters

Plastic Buckets Cubos de plástico
Cubos de plástico

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Plastic buckets are used for packaging solid, liquid and powdered foods. If you are looking for a container to ensure proper preservation and transportation of your products, you've come to the right place!

At Berlin Packaging, we have a variety of buckets in multiple sizes so you can choose the capacity that best suits your needs, from 750 ml to 17,000 ml. They lid can be opened and closed numerous times without affecting the seal and the integrated carrying handle makes transportation and handling easier.

You just have to decide what size you need!

In this category you have a wide range of plastic buckets available so you can pack liquid, solid and powder products. Whether for industrial or household use, these containers are flexible to meet your needs.

The hermetically sealed lid provides a strong seal and allows you to open and close the package numerous times without damaging the seal. It is the perfect container for food use and the stored products do not lose their properties.

At Berlin Packaging, we offer a wide range so you can buy buckets depending on the capacity you need, from 750 ml to 17,000 ml. Although the body of the container is transparent, there is a choice of three options for the colour of the lid: white, yellow and green.

To make the packaging more convenient, these containers have a handle to facilitate transportation and handling. You just have to decide which is the right size for each of your products!

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