Glass bottles and flasks

We also have a wide variety of glass containers for the pharmaceutical and beauty industries. They are available in multiple capacities from 2ml to 1l.

Glass bottles and flasks envases de laboratorio topacio, esenciero, cuenta gotas
envases de laboratorio topacio, esenciero, cuenta gotas

What kind of laboratory and perfumery bottles will I find on this page?

At Berlin Packaging we have a selection of laboratory containers to store any pharmaceutical product.

The capacity of these glass bottles ranges from 2 ml to 1 liter, with a total of 10 different measures. In addition, they are available in two colors: white glass and topaz glass and have different mouth typologies according to the size and type of closure
You can buy the products by pack or pallet depending on the number of containers you need. At Berlin Packaging we always have an option designed for your business!

In this category, we have a wide variety of glass jars designed for laboratory and pharmacy products. Its amber material and resistant topaz give the recipient a sophisticated and safe appearance.

We offer a total of 10 jars with different capacities, from 2 ml to 1 litre, available in two colours, white glass and topaz glass, so you can choose which is best suited to your products.

What's more, you can choose between different types of closures depending on the mouth of the container, such as click-and-close or other thread formats.

At Berlin Packaging, we want to take the hassle out of bottling your pharmacy and laboratory liquids, so you can place your order as a pack or a pallet, depending on the number of glass jars you need.

You decide the amount you want to bottle and we'll take care of the recipient!

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