Cardboard boxes

Discover a wide range of cardboard boxes and our colorful paper bags to give a touch of quality.

cajas de carton monocanal, estuche para botellas, film estirable, precintadora

What kind of cardboard boxes will I find on this page?

At Berlin Packaging, we provide you a large selection of cardboard boxes so you can store and transport your containers. There are boxes to carry beer in packs of four or six bottles, ham leg boxes for your Christmas hampers and the classic cardboard boxes for storing glasses or any other type of container.

You'll also find tape, seals and stretch film to complete your order and packing process.

You can choose between different sizes of boxes and place your order as a pack or a pallet, depending on the quantity you need.

In this section we offer all kinds of cardboard boxes for different uses. If you want to package your artisan beers in packs of four or six bottles, make Christmas hampers with boxes of ham or store cups and glasses in the classic cardboard boxes... Berlin Packaging is the website you're looking for!

In addition,there are complementary products such as sealing tape, adhesive tape and stretchable film so that you can properly seal the boxes with your protected product inside.

You can order by pack or pallet according to the quantity you need and choose between different sizes of boxes. In Berlin Packaging we want to facilitate the packaging of your products and accompany you in the process of expanding your company.

This category has solutions for your storage and packaging needs, facilitating any transport with their resistant formats and adapting to the product that you wish to package. Do not hesitate and choose your cardboard box!

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