Miniature glass bottles

Miniature glass bottles botella de cristal miniatura
What kind of miniature glass bottles will I find on this page?

What kind of miniature glass bottles will I find on this page?

Miniature bottles are the perfect format for delivering samples of your liqueurs or spirits.

Berlin Packaging offers these glass bottles in two sizes, with capacity for 40 ml or 50 ml, and various formats, i.e. more rounded or slim and narrow, in order to meet your needs whatever the style you require.

You can use these products as a wedding gift, giving guests samples of your city's most typical drinks, or you can use them to transport drinks in a convenient format without taking up much space.

On this page, you'll find a range of miniature bottles ideal for all kinds of spirits (brandy, whisky, rum, vodka, sherry, etc.). This format allows you to deliver samples of your products and give customers eye-catching gifts thanks to the format and content.

You can choose between two different measurements, one with capacity for 40 ml and the other for 50 ml. Each miniature glass bottle has a different design, so you can choose between tall-necked and stylised forms and other more classical and rounded designs.

What's more, Berlin Packaging also provides different closures compatible with each bottle so that you can complete your order without leaving this page.

You can place your order in a pack or a pallet depending on the number of units required and product availability.

Don't wait any longer! Choose one of our miniature bottles. You'll be able to surprise your wedding guests with an original and practical gift.

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