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All Glass bottles for Oils

Other of our specialties: glass and metal bottles for oils and vinegar with different types of mouths.

Frasca 100

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botes de cristal y botellas de vidrio para aceite con tapon rosca pilfer, a persión, de corcho, irrellenable

What kind of crystal oil bottles will I find on this page?

Are you looking for the ideal glass or crystal bottle to store your oil? You will be able to quickly and easily decide on the perfect crystal or metallic container in this bottles for oil section.

You will be amazed by the wide variety of glass and metallic bottles with different types of opening: cork, push-on and threaded; of different capacities and in a wide range of colours. In addition, we put sealing, capping and threading machines at your disposal so that you get the most professional result possible.

Are you looking for a crystal bottle for oil?, you just arrived at the right place.

On our website you can quickly and easily find our glass bottles, metallic containers or crystal jars among the broad catalogue that we show you in this oil bottle section.

At Berlin Packaging, we combine a great variety of oil bottles depending on their closure system, which may be of the threaded, cork or push-on type; on their capacity, which ranges from 40 ml up to 5 Litres; and on their colour, with a total of nine different ranges.

In addition, on this same page you can buy your capping or sealing machine in order to obtain the most professional result possible when packaging your products.

When buying your containers, we give you the option to buy by pack or pallet, depending on the quantity you need and the availability of that product.

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