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If you need plastic jars for your production of creams or soaps, you should check our selection for creams, balms, oils, etc.

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Plastic packaging for cosmetics

Plastic packaging for cosmetics

Are you looking for the best selection of plastic containers for beauty products? At Berlin Packaging we have worked hard to offer our customers the best plastic containers for cosmetics.

Here you will find many alternatives to package your products, whether in the form of lotions, creams, scrubs, oils or others; Well, we have different containers for cosmetics with almost unlimited shapes and sizes, which helps you customize your final product.

Each plastic container in our store is hand selected and approved by experts who guarantee its resistance to damage. They are all lightweight, really durable, equipped with a lid or secure closure to prevent spillage of contents. The best thing is that our range of jars is constantly growing.

Why buy plastic containers for cosmetics?

Many artisans often dismiss the use of plastic containers for their cosmetic products.

However, using plastic containers for beauty products is an environmentally friendly packaging decision and if you make the right customization decisions, you can make your cosmetics stand out… So, are they worth it?… Of course! yes!

Plastic is an extremely impact resistant material, so it ensures safe transportation of your products. It is also very light, recyclable, easy to use, its finish can be modified, it is relatively strong when exposed to high temperatures and can preserve products for a long time.

As for customization, there is no problem in this aspect. Plastic containers allow the screen printing process and the final result can be as attractive as you wish. You can also subject them to different techniques to change their finish or simply combine them with a striking and elegant cover that provides a more attractive appearance.

Berlin Packaging has a wide selection of cosmetic containers that you can use for any type of makeup or personal care product.

What plastic containers are better for cosmetics?

The objective of any jar, bottle or container is to contain and protect its content. But in order to capture the attention of customers this is not enough and it is necessary to make them look attractive. In such a way that they can be an added value for the product.

Achieving an attractive appearance for the container is achieved with the customization details. However, such customization may be limited by the type of packaging you choose, so before making a purchase decision, you should consider which ones best suit what you are looking for.

Some of the ones you can find in our online store are:

1. Bottles

Here you can find different types of bottles, made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polyethylene plastic (PE). They can be transparent or white, they have a neck and a thread on the end that allows them to adapt any lid or closure.

Especially polyethylene bottles offer a transparency very close to that of glass, however, their walls remain thick and impact resistant. They are recommended for packaging liquid beauty products or for products that you want to be visible from the outside.

2. Round containers

The cylindrical or round jars that we offer you in our store are ideal for packaging creams, ointments or any product with a thick consistency.

These have a thread that allows them to fit a cap to keep the product safe. They tend to provide a more sophisticated look to cosmetics and some allow the adaptation of a sieve to turn them into containers for loose powder products.

At Berlin Packaging you will find round transparent plastic containers, in a wide variety of heights that adapt to the requirements of each cosmetic.

3. Pump Bottles

You can choose between small or large bottles with a pump that works as a dispenser for liquid products. This type of container for the cosmetic industry is recommended for the packaging of foundations or eye creams, because they allow users to obtain the content cleanly, avoiding spills.

In addition, they have a great advantage over other plastic containers for cosmetics because they reduce the contact of oxygen with the product, which is synonymous with its greater longevity.

Plastic containers for cosmetics or glass?

Have you ever thought about the great influence that the packaging has on the chemical composition of your cosmetics?

Glass is a favorite with wholesalers because it doesn't react with 99% of beauty products. However, plastic containers are also a safe bet in cosmetics.

Unless you handle high-end products, leave aside glass containers, these are usually heavier, less resistant and much more expensive. Quite the opposite of bottles made of plastic.

Online cosmetic packaging store

A big problem when trying to buy cosmetic containers online is that the stores do not have a user-friendly interface and users end up getting lost halfway.

Fortunately at JUVASA, you can get the plastic container you need just within the reach of a couple of clicks.

Our interface is very intuitive, so it will be easy to complete your purchase. You just have to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Select the container you want and click on it to open its technical sheet.
  • Read the technical sheet that specifies your data to check that it suits your cosmetics or what you need and then press "Add to cart".
  • Then go to your shopping cart and select a shipping destination.
  • Click on "Process order" and enter your account details (if you don't have one, take the opportunity to register).
  • Select a payment method and then confirm the transaction Done!

Don't take your choice of packaging lightly. Remember that your decision will contribute to the appearance, resistance and, above all, the durability of your cosmetics, since the containers are made with different chemicals that can interfere with their longevity.

In our online store you will only find containers for beauty products that work for both consumers and wholesalers, but if you have any questions about it, you can contact us and we will immediately resolve it.

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