Honey 1 Kg 4 cells TO 77-746ml-TO-082-glass-containers-jars-glass-jars-and-glass-bottles-for-food

Honey 1 Kg 4 cells 746 ml TO 082

/5 ( Ratings)

Closures not included

(See compatible closures)


This 746 ml glass jar preserves food in perfect condition. Its design with cells in the upper part means that its most widespread use is for honey, being able to contain up to 1 kg .

Indicated Pour Capacity: Filled to the brim.

With threaded mouth for Twist Off 82 closing system. Lid not included.




SKU reference 008082-412
Capacity 746 ml
Weight 320 grs
Material Glass
Diameter 96,00 mm
Height 134,90 mm
Color glass-white
Finish Twist Off TO 82
Shape cylindrical
Units per pasteurizer 18

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