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Why buy from BERLIN Packaging?

At Berlin Packaging we are leaders in the design and distribution of containers and packaging. We have an extensive catalogue of more than 3,000 products including glass, plastic, cardboard and metal packaging for the food, beverage, perfumery and pharmaceutical sectors.

With part of our 3.700 plus models permanently in stock, we have every solution you may require for your jars, tins, bottles, and cans, as well as all types of containers, machinery and accessories. Moreover, Berlin Packaging also has its own company, Avanza Packaging, which specialises in the structural and graphic design of containers and packaging, and which offers the client an outstanding service from brand creation, design and image right to packaging renewal.

We have over 30 years of experience in the packaging sector and can guarantee a professional and dedicated client service.

Among our products, we highlight:

Glass jars

We have a wide range of glass jars of different sizes, so you have a choice of large, medium or small jars. You can choose preserving jars of many sizes on our website so that you can find the most suitable one for your recipes. 

These containers have a wide variety of uses:

  • Jars for preserving vegetables, fish, pâté,
  • Jars for marmalades,
  • Jars for honey,
  • Jars for olives and pickles, etc.

Choose yours, and enjoy the best quality containers for your preserves!


Our collection of glass and plastic bottles provides the perfect packaging for wine, sparkling wine, liqueurs, beer, juice or any other beverage you may need to bottle.

We also have glass bottles for oil which are suitable for various stoppers, including disposable ones, to ensure their protection in bars and restaurants.

Bottles for perfumery

We also provide packing solutions for the perfumery sector. We carry a range of perfume bottles, bottles for essential oils, packaging for natural fragrances, etc.

Do you need a container for your perfume? Berlin Packaging can help you to find the glass container that best suits your fragrance.

You can also choose from a range of closing systems:

  • Spray
  • Round ball stopper
  • Corks specifically for use with bottles for oil

Cardboard boxes

Finally, at Berlin Packaging we have all kinds of packaging and containers so that you can choose the most suitable for your product. We also have cardboard boxes for either storage or transportation during house moves. If you are looking for the best priced packaging, you’re in the right place.

Click the boxes section on our website to select the different size and type of boxes and accessories you need.

Why buy from Berlin Packaging

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