Marasca Pet AV 500 ml  finish Bertoli 30 21 MetaIMGIn Botellas de plastico PET

Marasca Pet 500 ml finish Bertoli 30/21

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500ml PET container used for oil, vinegar and low-density sauces like soy or similar.

Characterized for being light weight, shock resistant and Bertoli non-refillable finish that guarantees the protection of the packed product. The color is transparent green, it has a square base and straight walls that provide easy labeling.

Snap-in finish system. Compatible to Bertoli non-refillable caps.  Safe and hygienic.

It is placed manually with a dry blow method that guarantees the inviolability of the PET container. For added convenience we recommend the use of the Bertoli mouth closure tool: view here. This closure ensures a non-refillable single-use of the container. Cap not included.




SKU reference 004041-21
Capacity 500 ml
Weight 43 grs
Diameter 54,50 / 54,50 mm
Height 242,50 mm
Color plastic-green av
Finish Oil Manual Bertoli 30-21
Shape square

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