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Green tin for oil 250 ml

Green tin for oil 250 ml

Closures not included

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250ml metallic tin can perfect for packaging extra virgen olive oil. Thanks to its resistance and opaque dark green color, the oil is protected from the UV rays and maintains the organoleptic properties of the oil.

The container is rigid, lightweight and comfortable to handle.

Snap closure system. Compatible to the Din 24 cap. Easy to place. The spout pops out by pulling the inner ring. Cap not included.


SKU reference 009089-1
Capacity 250 ml
Weight 57 grs
Diameter 70,00 / 45,50 mm
Height 110,00 mm
Color metal-green
Finish LataAceite-Din 24
Shape rectangular

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Price: 35,58 € (VAT included)

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